So, What is A+Craft?

Play in Survival

Collect resources, punch down trees, loot enemy bases, and work with friends as you explore the Survival Gamemode! Build bases, establish factions, and go deep underground in the mines to uncover precious ores! Will you be a friendly player and ally with others to share your findings, or will you be a hostile player and take other's findings? The choice is yours!

Build in Creative

Unleash your creativity in your very own protected, creative plot! Build anything that you want without worrying that some player will come and destroy it! Collaborate with other players to create even better objects? What will you build? A house, A sculpture? A town? It's up to you!

Play Minigames!

Fight in the PvP Arena, Dig your way to victory in Spleef, Make your way through the obstacle course, Win the Parkour, Be the last one standing in Hunger Games, and more fun stuff to do! Play with friends, or play alone. Whatever you want to do!

A+Craft is a Minecraft server community with over thousands of registered players! It has been entertaining the MCPE community for over 2 years!


Founded on November 13th, 2013, A+Craft has been one of the most commonly played Minecraft: Pocket Edition servers in the MCPE community, and was the first MC:PE server to offer Survival, Creative, and minigames, all in one server! Players can put their minds together and accomplish grand tasks, build amazing things, or be the best fighters in the server! Collect resources in Survival, Unleash your creativity in Creative Plots, Fight others in PvP, Explore the City, Challenge yourself to the Parkour, and so much more!

What platforms does the server support?

A+Craft is currently available on the platforms listed below:

To find out how to connect to the server from one of these platforms, visit


PORT: 25578